Our Service List

IT Solutions

We offer 24/7 IT services with our Help Desk to support your business. Services

such as PC installation, Virus Removal, Printer installation etc.

Computer and Network Maintenance

We build networks for better suite

your business. You tell what you desire, and we will build it. VG Tech also maintain the network for you.

Network security

“Network security is typically handled by our network administrator or system

administrator who designs the network and implements the hardware, with its security policies needed to suite and protect your business.”

Home automation

We also have technologies for your home. We can make your house fully automated.

From your windows shades, your A/C, your sprinkles… all from a touch of a button or cellphone app.

Sound system

We specialize in commercial and residential sound system. Call us for a walk through

with one of our sound expert technician.

Security cameras

Security cameras: We can provide your company with the best camera solution

for your Business and home. Cameras like Bosch, Lorex, Samsung and many others.

Low Voltage

Communication and Security, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Networking, and more. We are a low

voltage certified cabling contractor by the state of Florida.

PCI Payment Card Industry

PCI was invented by the credit card companies to try to minimize credit card fraud.

Every company that accepts credit cards, have now to comply with PCI rules. Call us to know more about PCI and how we can help.


We offer backup to the cloud in to our secured servers or we can setup a local

backup to an external hard drive. You tell us what your preference!